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Welcome to the potion station 🍸.

What’s your poison?

Rear minerals?

The word in the streets is:

Zombie formalism is back !

(otherwise it wouldn’t be a good zombie). This time it has grown a limb or many, glamouring itself into figurative painting, VR, ceramics, glass, immersive anything, faux naive, outsider art, futurism, speculative materialism. Be vigilant for the Zombies have absorbed feminist “becoming”, “queering”, and infiltrated and consumed entire organizations. Have you been wondering what is wrong with… – YES! They turned many of your friends! This situation is urgent and requires your immediate attention! To ward off the spell try the Gorgon Medusa method: hold up a mirror to reflect the spell back onto zombie itself. Too much of anything may just result in an implosion. Sound the AI siren song, recite the rites we have put together for you below.

  1. Inter Species Orifice by Stefan Maier:


cd ~/inference./inference “for the gastrocultures to come“ –shift-pitch -2 –shuffle-code 0.9 –decoder-steps 3000 –model-dir ~/Downloads –stretch_time –channels 2 —-outfile ‘inter_species_orifice.wav’

2. Forecasts by Barrett White

Forecast II

Mesh exhaustion in purple E

It flows thru the metal purgatory oblique shadow cast wall form

Digital cards in successful transition spiral on a blackboard

A bough breaks sending sparks into the combustion engine’s throat

It emits a frozen light in torn data blast shattering glass floors

An entire surface is covered in drills

Back axle breaks its lock and falls down the chute

A barrel-roll convulsion uniting hex screws in diamond signet

A ring of acidic light

An archipelago of glitched asterisks

Pane-flipped, engine reversaled, speeding into vapored mantle

Molten gash can climb slowly, saver mode boxing in the heat

Claws dig deeper into the sediment

Gloveless and burning its tattoo on the surface

Gash on gash fast inflecting the scorched site

Forecast III

A mass of green humidity envelops the sprawl

Blackouts on the periphery

And wet adjacent to mold forms

Maps contrast the dour spackle

This metal can’t careen, it’s bent

Yet still standing despite the weight of hanging moss

In symbiote clench the architecture underlines its position

To rot: to elude the concept of “further”

Stasis made into a microstructure by cell walls

Consuming the cursed agent

Death, unboxed, and death

Further still wiring