The Gift of Desease – Kathy Acker, 1997, The Guardian *

Digital PTSD conference – Castello di Rivoli, 2020 *

The commons: infrastructure for troubling times – Lauren Berlant *

Is another cosmopolitics possible? – Mario Blaser *

Magic and Ecology on CRASSH – Podcast with Isabelle Stengers *

Eating the other – bell hooks *

Ivan Krastev in conversation with Holly Case during ‘The light that failed? Liberal democracy and Eastern Europe’ conference, 2020 *

Who Belongs? Sara Grossman speaks with Agata Lisiak 2019 *

Beyond the World′s End – T.J. Demos

Ends of The World – Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

My Meteorite – Harry Dodge

The Spheres of Insurrection: Suggestions for Combating the Pimping of Life – Suely Rolnik *

Reflexologies – Nina Canell

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology – David Graeber *

Mutual Aid – Peter Kropotkin *

Bloody Town Hall – documentary, ‘Educational’ copy *

The Pragmatism in the History of Art – Molly Nesbit

Becoming Human – Zakiyyah Iman Jackson

Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Spell of The Sensuous – David Abram

*= free online