Issue 2 – Acid Reflux

Spring/Summer 2019

A sample specimen
of faceted discussions around the matters
overflowing metabolic tubes
from over-consumption
of unearthly delights.

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Note

Curatorial Concerns with llona Dergach – Applause

Emily Geen – Batch Scans*

Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner – essay: Atmospheric Dread (J-Horror and its remakes) *

Heather Anne Halpert – Some books I haven’t written.

Ruth Hoflich – The Problem of Outcomes*

Klairefontaine – review: Wild Inside at Clint Roenisch Gallery.

Stefan Maier – @ potion station – Inter Species Orifice

Jorge Satorre – Sketchbook

Alan Segal – Conversation and screening: An Interrupted Investigation of R

Fin Simonetti – Conversation: Charged marble

Slavs and Tatars – Interview by Katy Rutskievitch

Barrett White – @ potion station – Forecasts

Tatsiana Zamirouskaya – short story: Harder Than Life*

*print only