Issue 1: We Regret To Inform You. 

Winter 2019

The inaugural  issue 
swabs the current state of affairs 
affecting artists’ life and work. 
We will square situation(s), 
think of pressure point release
and proposals for the future.

Image contribution for the above promo, thanks to: Emily Jones, Colin Self, Tatsiana Zamirouskaya, Jessica Wilson, H A Halpert.

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Note

Hangama Amiri – Studio Study*

Trevor Baird – Sketchbook *

dj ashtrae – rainy day

Heather Anne Halpert  – Polar stratospheric cloud

Emily Jones – Conversation: Familial ties

Brennan Kelly – Woof

Lauren Lavery – Essay: Toronto ARCs through the dream journals

Colin Self – Rescued Sound From a Flooded Studio and A Collective Guide for Winter

Barrett White – Post Options

Jessica Wilson – Screening: Emergencies

Tatsiana Zamirouskaya/ Anastasia Kolas – 2-4-1 – true stories from two authors*

Klairefontaine – Review: Paulina Olowska at Metro Pictures 

Curatorial Concerns with Zane Onckule *

*print only