About: Nacre Journal is a sporadic publication of no fixed domicile or single place of origin. It is an artist-run project, created against mainstreaming, bureaucratization and monetization of relationships as motivation to pursue art, criticism or writing, despite and against precarious conditions that in equal measure affect the Journal’s existence.

Submissions: Nacre is currently accepting submissions for its 5th Issue. Submissions are open until September 25, 2023. Loosely themed, this publishing cycle is focused on ‘mystery’ or ‘occult’, to be widely interpreted as all things unseen and/or yet to be known. Although there are no formal criteria for application, the Journal is particularly interested in the perspectives by contributors with histories and lived experiences outside of the dominant — here: Western European/North American/Common Wealth — context.

To submit: Please use the button below to submit. In your submission please introduce yourself and provide an outline of your idea (max 500 words), and include any relevant links to video or existing text, sound, images, etc (if private, please provide a password, compress all info into a single PDF, 5 pages max, up to 5GB).

Format, timing and notification: Nacre is able to edit english/russian/belarusian languages; submissions in other languages are welcome, when supplemented with an english translation/subtitles. Nacre accepts interviews/conversations, experimental writing, poems, essays (up to 4000 words), images, video and sound works, etc. The Journal is best used as a platform for existing and yet to be published work, as opposed to developing new — the latter requiring far more time than can be realistically given in this format. That said, you can propose a yet-to-be-conducted interview, or an essay-in-progress, by providing an excerpt of an essay or the direction of questions you plan to raise in your conversation. Independent editorial projects (cluster submission of materials by editors/curators) can be submitted on a small scale. Due to resource limits, it is only possible to contact the contributors whose proposal are accepted. The submission is not going ahead if you have not heard from Nacre within two months. If accepted, submissions may go direct to publishing, or be invited to be worked on with the editor, timelines to be agreed at the confirmation/invitation stage. Because the editor and everyone who is invited to contribute work for free, they are mindful of each other’s time, and mutually agreed upon format. (Nacre covers web hosting/site upkeep/design fees/editorial advice while supplies last.

Funding: Up to now, this project is fueled by enthusiasm and desire to stay in conversation, and is unfunded. If and when funding becomes available, we will be very pleased to notify the contributors of the current publishing cycle. The funding cannot be distributed retrospectively. We’d be happy to provide a letter of intent for the independent applications for funding for the invited projects when applicable.

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Editor/ founder: Anastasia Kolas

Contributing editor: Hanna Horn

If you are able and would like to financially support our project, please click the PayPal button below — we are grateful for your support!

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Hopscotch Reading Room

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