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ow to Survive A Winter in New York (excerpts)

This co-authorized document is built to include a wide list of various resources, places to go, methods for support, and things to do to help make everyone’s winter easier.


Make a shared list of ideas for winter with friends

do the things on the list

start a book club

Make someone a present

Write a letter to send in the mail

Make a comedy video

Go ice skating

Go to Pacific Aquarium on Delancey with a new friend

Tell a mentor that they inspire you

Clean out your closet, give nice things away

Write a manifesto for something you care about

Design a family / friend crest for your crew

Embroider over all the stains on your favorite clothes – use seed beads or thread or sequins

Paint a loved one’s portrait

Perform ten emotions in unison with a friend

Design a board game

Learn a new language – in particular Bside of a glass teapot

Project sychronized swimming olympics videos

Dust your tiny belongings

itunes gift card
Hot Toddies

Hot Chocolate with Frangelico
Home Screenings (with optional Q/A panel about film)

shake your butt

Catch up on reading every book you did not read the year before.

Many baths. Light candles. Drink sparkling water while you are in the bath. Treat yourself.

-extra points add a TON of epsom salt to your bath

Invite your best friend over and pamper them. It feels GOOD to care for others.

Exfoliate! Moisturize! Slather ur feet in lotion before bed.

go to free yoga or meditation classes


have more house plants

visit the botanical gardens in prospect park on free days (tuesdays?)

reusable hand warmers I love these.

Aromatherapy! Burn rosemary, sage, sweetgrass, any kind of wood, frankincense, incense… get some lavender…. Rosewater spray

Before going to bed, after waking up, or if feeling stressed or agitated do some visualization meditation exercises. Honest guys is a great resource. Some videos are better than others (I find the earlier ones are actually better) Some are more open ended but others are very specific like visiting various realms in Middle Earth. Really helpful for insomnia or that feeling like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.


-Wash your hands!

-Reduce Stress.

Here’s a very simple meditative practice, a kind of check-in, that takes about 1-3 minutes. Definitely helpful as a check if you’re feeling anxious or despairing.

1. Close your eyes – observe your body, realize you’re not in any immediate danger, you’re safe

2. Think about someone(s) who loves you (it could be a pet), keep focused on those feelings of  love

3. Think about someone(s) you love, then focus on that expanding feeling of love outwards for as long as you can, then open your eyes.

– OIL OF OREGANO – how do you use this?- dilute three drops in a small glass of water
– WELLNESS FORMULA by Source Naturals
MELATONIN (natural supplement to take when you want to rest but have insomnia)

Vitamins B / D (B6 and D3 especially)! Magnesium. Zinc.

– When you “feel” your body getting tired/sick instead of grabbing an Airbornue or Emergen-C… Boil a pot of water add 1 onion peel (the skin part), a nice palmful of ginger (peeled and thinly sliced), a handful of dried dates (available at most Chinatown groceries), 1 pear (bosc or asian pear with the skin cut in quarters or thinly sliced), juice of 1 lemon + the pulpy part!, 1 clove of garlic (or more if u want), honey (to your liking)

– Grapefruit Seed Extract (available at ‘health food stores’ like whole foods)
-exercise exercise exercise

– garlic is a natural antibiotic. for sore throats just chop some up and swallow it! if it’s too strong on its own, you can put it in a glob of honey

– for people with vaginas: tight winter clothes = yeast infections. get some boric acid suppositories or make them yourself.

Mushroom Tinctures (my mother always makes me chug a concoction of tinctures when I get sick. Works better than emergen-c but tastes a whole lot worse.) – Reishi is amazing

– Elderberry
-this tea: in a small saucepan, add two cups water, 1/2inch turmeric sliced thinly, 1/2 ginger sliced thinly, a couple tablespoons of nettles and some sort of green tea, bring to a slight boil, then cover tightly, let sit for 10 minutes. Add raw honey to taste. SO GOOD WOW.

– netty pot with ¼ teaspoon of salt, a pinch of baking soda and a couple of drops of tea tree oil

also for nasal rinsing try alkalol, it has peppermint, eucalyptus and feels great

-Echinacea tea or tablets!

Immunity soup recipe

– eat chillies!

– tunisian olive oil, one spoon a day

Your face will thank you:buy some oranges, or clementines.  Eat them. Save the peels and soak them in warm water to remove any pesticides or waxes.  Once the peels have been cleaned, use them to gently wash your face. You can use either side of the peel, or both.  Replace the winter blues with orange! (i like to place my peels in the bath along with a splash of peppermint oil and green tea)