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Past events:

Toil Seminar

First meeting: Tuesday November 24, 7 PM(CET) Berlin /1 PM New York (EST), runs monthly. (Note: this seminar has ended February 2024)

Starting with Hyggelig (Issue 3) and through to General Public (Issue 4), this year Nacre had been mulling over the desire to make, produce, leave a mark or legacy. The Toil Seminar is a new monthly event, currently run online.

In the docudramaThe Dead and the Others directed by João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora, the protagonist is expected to perform a traditional ritual in order to release his father’s spirit, by burning  the crops that the father had planted in the jungle, as customary for his people. This closure, of rejuvenation through erasure, a stark contrast to monument-making of culture I (we?) live in. RIP William Morris tretease, when so much of what is considered work today is, in fact, useless toil, and post-industrial material impact on the ecosystem is overwhelming, art-production and design may feel to be an equally fraught activity. Stimulated by the ideas elucidated through Amerindian philosophy as transcribed in the brilliant essay/book The Ends of  the Worlds written by Deborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiro De Castro, the Toil Seminar is intended as a non-competitive, unskilled, undocumented and materially unremarkable — process that ends at itself. We meet to discuss what defines artistic practice today, focusing on immaterial productions and alternative modes of knowing.

During each session Nacre will prompt a discussion at the beginning of the meeting, and together we will see where it takes us. 

***Please note that during the seminar there should be no photos/screenshots of your own or other people’s work. And of course, the “results” shan’t be kept.***