05_Kami Enzie

Kami Enzie

In His Own Words 
(After James Baldwin) 

young most wicked strong 
-willed near-death very handsome  
little handsome contemptuous dressed 
apprehensive broke stubborn  
proud ingrown “like a toe-nail”  
older african naked barbaric  
indescribably cruel personal  
most bitter buried tremendous 
crushing very black black  
beautiful proud bleak young  
outrageously demanding protective  
black fretful unabating knowing  
almost unfailingly wrong big appalling 
glad early other groping tentative  
never-expressed buried new long  
improbable in-less-and-less-demand  
long intolerable frightened unquiet  
ruined powerful overflowing  
over-a-year bitter proudly pursed  
rigid ill long fantastic new true  
younger alive real older insulted  
beyond-all-hope strange unimaginably  
close odd unwilling clear hating  
fearing despised “agreeing very much  
against his will” very funny  
too feeble surrounded all-night  
great deal of trouble been cursed  
vindictively polite theatrical theater 
-going took-aside refused unanimous  
active unbearably vocal important  
very sweet generous “christian” explicit  
older always trying clever never trusted  
bitter waiting trusted genuine hidden  
laid-off negro dreadful not-even-nice  
little relatively close extraordinarily  
ingenious working living unprecedented  
unbelievable expected-to-behave  
waiting notorious whispered shouted  
believed mad afraid god-knows  
“long turning over, day and night  
with but one aim” fired-once  
fired-again bounced dread
blind pounding wreck important 
negro living surrendering saved 
ironical called asked answering  
failed sardonic moving crushing  
glittering fashionable not-served  
pushed frightened great astounded  
frightened black frightening blunt 
worthwhile derisive colder hoping 
murderous poised forced frightened  
shattered running grabbed kicked  
whispered betrayed alone safe difficult  
black posed nagging long impossible  
insane in-danger in-order inspiration 
-to-all trouble planning real very lively  
wondering conciliatory helpful  
downtown slight drunk quiet very 
very dark solemn quarreled bound  
long shorter overwhelming uncontrollable  
called successful presented thoughtful 
patient forbearing disturbed guilty  
ready grief-stricken confronted hoped  
eulogized forgiven straying invested  
moaning wringing hands slapped hungry 
sullen distrustful watched growing 
wilder running living despised  
stronger raising-the-question fought  
“thou knowest this man’s fall;  
but thou knowest not his wrassling. . . .”  
desperately celebrating negro  
negro unprecedented flowing revealing  
protecting negro different perfectly  
corroborated countered powerful  
satisfactory exhausting swelling  
familiar suspected potent interested  
waiting-to-hold hated hated  
from the beginning